Friday, March 19, 2010


As much as my girlfriends and I love being  fuller figured women, there are still way too many people who just don't get it! Being a proud and confident "Big Girl" doesnt mean we completely neglect our responsibility to maintain good health. For those plus size women who do, I must say, SHAME ON YOU!

A Big Girl should still be a Healthy Girl! How can you possibly be confident when you're rotten from the inside out and falling apart? How can you LOOK good when you don't FEEL good? I don't however, believe it's all about loosing weight but about staying fit and fabulous! That's what gives the "Big Girl" her swagg.

For those who still don't understand... So sorry for you! It's not my job to convince you that I really do LOVE MY SEXY FAT ASS!!! And so do soooooo many plus sized women all over the world! This is why you're seeing so much "Plus Size" this and "Full Figured" that... I'm just sayin... WELCOME TO THE PLUS SIZE REVOLUTION!

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