Monday, March 29, 2010


This is a form of existential journey...she is shedding her old self to make new self aka evolution like a butterfly. You have to go thru a transition in a sense… be exposed before the change can take place.”

Many have stated this video was an unflattering means of publicity… and are outright appalled at the mere sight of a naked black woman, simply walking away… in such a bold attempt to get the world’s attention… Yet we don’t see or hear quite this much expression of outrage in respect to the tasteless, socially irresponsible, smack you upside your head, encryption of the insignificant, crap suffocating us every day.

We are taught… to fear, to hate, to love.
Ungroup your thought…

Badu wrote...
 "it is true, being honest can get you assassinated. Your character, spirt, & sometimes physically. The funny thing is, the physical nudity is nothing. I've been naked all along in my words, actions and deeds. That's the real vulnerable place."

“Using Kennedy as a focal point he was the last President of USA that was not about groupthink he attempted to go against the Federal Reserve and he was assassinated for it."

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