Thursday, March 18, 2010

Big Gurl Swagg

You have to admit that there are some Big Girls out there that have so much STYLE and this amazing CONFIDENCE about themselves. You know the ones you see and say "She carries herself very well". We tend to notice these women because unfortunately there's a much higher percentage of Big Girls who just don't have IT! But what is IT? I'm glad you asked...

It is just a Big Gurl Swagg... Some have it (like President Obama... (drooling)) and many just don't. That Big Gurl Swagg is what we like to call SONSEE. For the proudly curvaceous woman with so much class, a sublte sexy appeal and sassy attitude.

But don't worry Big Girls, you too can have it! Coming soon...

She's So SONSEE... The Big Gurl's Guide to Big Gurl SWAG!

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